We are looking to create a pool of vendors that contains the business owners/managers that we can call on with association needs. We want to be able to put money back into your pockets rather than outside of our association.

We have needed in the past the following: Bakers, Caterers, Photographers, Printing, DJs, Banquet Facilities, Crafts/Raffle Basket, Trophies/Plaques, and shirt printing to name a few.
If you are a business owner or bowl with someone who is, please let us know.

Let’s find a way to help each other.

TSUSBC Award Nominations – Due November 1st

Deadline is approaching to submit nominations for the following:

Hall of Fame
Bowler of the Year
Proprietor of the Year
Coach of the Year
Adult Service/Volunteer Award with Youth
High Series Award
High Average Award

Hall of Honor
Youth Bowler Service Award
Emblem Design Award
High Series Award
High Average Award

TSUSBC wants to recognize our amazing bowlers for their achievements but we need your help. Forms are available at
Thank you in advance for taking the time to submit your youth and adult bowlers worthy of consideration for these awards.

Beginning of Season Announcements

A few announcements…

We have updated pages on the website. You can now find the Bylaws, the link to the USBC Rule Book, and yearbook averages on the Document page.

Also, we have posted entry forms for the Harvest Tournament, Scratch Tournaments, and the Open at Phantom, Hallmark and Bowlerama. We are working on getting the fillable pdfs uploaded to the website in the next day or two.

We will be sending out these entry forms this weekend to all bowlers that have accurate emails on file.

How to Voice Concerns to the Board

It was voiced that the board members are no longer visiting each league. That is a true statement, because the board is primarily made up of individuals that work during the day and we have a spread of bowlers that partake in the different centers. If you are unable to physically speak to a board member, I wanted to share with you the ample opportunities you have to get your voice heard by the board.

#1. On Facebook, you can post on the association wall or Click the Send Message button.

#2. The website has multiple options. All of the board emails are available on the board of director page.

#3 There is also a form to fill out on the website for questions. under the contact us header

#4. Also we do accept mail at 302 Atlas Avenue, Killeen TX 76542

#5. And you can drop your concerns into the association box that is in each center. Feel free to seal in envelope if preferred.

The only catch is, in order for us to answer you, we will need to know who you are so we can address the complaint or comment directly to you. Anything not signed, or a full name is not provided, or a fake name is given will not be brought forward to the board.

Jenny Shotwell
Association Manager

Annual Meeting coming up

The annual meeting is coming up this Saturday. Wear your masks!

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