Hall of Fame

2016 – 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

John Manibusen

John Manibusan has been an avid bowler and advocate of the sport for over four decades.  John met his wife at a bowling alley in Hawaii in 1971.  It was also there that he discovered his passion for the sport.  To this day, forty-five years later, his love for his wife and the sport continue to flourish.

As an Army veteran, John was handpicked to represent the “All Army” Bowling team for two consecutive years, as an active duty member.  Throughout the years, John has been a regular presence in numerous league and tournament play, including the TCBA for sixteen seasons, Military Classic-Las Vegas, Nationals, State and City.  Some of the highlights and achievements of John’s bowling career include:  five sanctioned perfect “300” games, two “800” series, “high average”, winner of “The Tournament of Champions”, and the distinguished honor of being awarded, “Bowler of the Year”- 2015.

John’s humility precedes him, and he’s just fortunate to have been a part of the game for all this time.  Bowling has brought him great joy, and he’s just glad to have met so many great people in the sport, throughout the years.

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