Bowler of the Year Standings

This page is created for our bowlers to determine standings for bowler of the year.

We will be giving out an award to 1 male and 1 female award in each category: Adult Bowler, Senior Bowler, Special Olympics Bowler, and Youth Bowler. Seniors are bowlers that have participated in senior leagues and/or the Senior Tournament. For the Adult BOY, points earned in Senior Leagues and Senior Tournament will not be counted. Those points will only be used to determine Senior Bowler of the Year.

Points are awarded based on participation in association events. There will be points awarded for participation in each association tournament and points given based on cashing. Five (5) points will be given for first place in team, doubles, singles, and each events. Point value by 1 moving down the list. If less than 5 positions cashed, then points will stop at that last position. (For example, if we only paid for two positions: 1st will get 5 points and 2nd will get 4 points. No other points will be awarded for 3rd – 5th.)

Points will also be awarded based on individual accomplishments in the leagues to include High Game: Handicap and Scratch, High Series: Handicap and Scratch, High Average, and Most Improved. We will be using the same scale as tournaments with 5 points for first, and decreasing for each position below 1st. Number of leagues bowled in is based on having a 21 game average or higher, and will be used to create the top 10 list) Anyone that bowled an honor score was awarded 3 points each. Honor score points were awarded to those that submitted the USBC form to the Association.

In case of tie, the first tie-breaker was determined by the person that participated in more events (tournaments + leagues) . Any time there is only 1 bowler in a given category, for example 1 female bowling in a league, that bowler will not win the full 5 points for each category: High Game H/S, High Series H/S, High Avg., and Most Improved.

This new point system is a work in progress.

Last update: 07/22/2022

Female Special Olympic StandingsNo Special Olympic bowlers this season.
Male Special Olympic StandingsNo Special Olympic bowlers this season.
Female Youth StandingsBOY Youth Female
Male Youth StandingsBOY Youth Male
Female Adult StandingsBOY Adult Females
Male Adult StandingsBOY Adult Males
Female Senior StandingsBOY Senior Females
Male Senior StandingsBOY Senior Males